Beretta 80x Cheetah


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Caliber: .380 ACP
Magazine Capacity: 13 rounds
Barrel Length: 3.9 inches
Overall Length: 6.8 inches
Weight: 25 ounces

Beretta 80X Cheetah

The Beretta 80X Cheetah series is a line of compact pistols that combines sleek Italian design, reliable performance, and compactness. These pistols are known for their versatility, making them suitable for concealed carry, personal defense, and backup duty.

The 80X Cheetah pistols feature a double-action/single-action (DA/SA) trigger system, providing shooters with the option of a longer, heavier double-action trigger pull for the first shot, followed by subsequent shots in single-action mode with a shorter and lighter trigger pull. This trigger system allows for both safety and ease of use, making it ideal for shooters of all experience levels.

One notable feature of the Beretta 80X Cheetah series is the availability of models equipped with a decocking lever. This lever enables users to safely lower the hammer from the single-action position to the decocked position without the need to pull the trigger. This additional safety measure ensures peace of mind during decocking.

Designed with ambidextrous controls, including a manual safety lever and magazine release button, the 80X Cheetah pistols accommodate both right-handed and left-handed shooters. This ergonomic advantage enhances user comfort and ease of operation in various shooting scenarios.

In Addition,

With a barrel length of approximately 3.8 inches, the Beretta 80X Cheetah strikes a balance between compactness and accuracy. Its overall dimensions, measuring around 6.8 inches in length and weighing approximately 23-24 ounces, make it a compact and lightweight option for everyday carry.

The Beretta 80X Cheetah series has gained popularity among law enforcement agencies and military organizations worldwide. Its reliability, durability, and performance have made it a trusted companion for professionals in the field.

Furthermore, the pistols offer customization options and a range of accessories. Shooters can personalize their firearms with aftermarket grips, extended magazines, holsters, and sights, tailoring the pistols to their individual preferences.

Whether as a collector’s item or a reliable self-defense tool, the Beretta 80X Cheetah series embodies the craftsmanship and quality for which Beretta is renowned. Its compact size, exceptional performance, and iconic design make it a formidable choice for those seeking a versatile and reliable handgun.

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