beretta 92x


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Caliber: 9 mm
Magazine Capacity: 18 rounds
Barrel Length: 4.7 inches
Overall Length: 8.5 inches
Weight: 33.3 ounces

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The Beretta 92X is a cutting-edge semi-automatic pistol that combines Italian craftsmanship, modern features, and exceptional performance. Designed to meet the demands of professional shooters and enthusiasts alike, the 92X pushes the boundaries of handgun excellence.92X-PERFORMANCE-call-out


Enhanced Ergonomics and Shootability:
With a focus on ergonomics, the 92X offers an optimized grip design that fits a wide range of hand sizes comfortably. The redesigned frame and wraparound grip panels provide a secure and natural feel, allowing shooters to maintain control and accuracy. The improved ergonomics contribute to enhanced shootability and overall user comfort.

Versatile Slide Design:
The 92X features a versatile slide design that accommodates various shooting preferences. The Vertecstyle vertical grip and thin profile of the slide make it ideal for shooters with smaller hands or those who prefer a more compact grip. This slide design offers enhanced control and maneuverability, making it well-suited for competitive shooting and concealed.



Optimal Balance and Reduced Muzzle Rise:
Equipped with a Brigadier slide, the 92X boasts optimal weight distribution and reduced muzzle rise. The increased weight in the front portion of the pistol enhances balance and mitigates recoil, allowing for faster follow-up shots and improved accuracy. The reduced muzzle rise ensures that the pistol stays on target, even during rapid-fire sequences.

Upgraded Trigger System:
The 92X incorporates an enhanced trigger system that delivers a smooth and crisp break. The trigger pull weight has been optimized for both single-action and double-action modes, providing shooters with a consistent and predictable trigger response. The improved trigger system enhances accuracy and allows for precise shot placement.92X-Performance-sdraiata


Modular Design for Customization:
Featuring a modular design, the 92X allows shooters to customize their pistol to suit their preferences. The pistol is compatible with various grip panels and backstraps, enabling users to tailor the grip size and feel. Additionally, the accessory rail on the frame facilitates the attachment of lights, lasers, or other tactical accessories.

Durable and Reliable Construction:Crafted with the highest quality materials, the Beretta 92X offers exceptional durability and reliability. The stainless steel slide and barrel ensure corrosion resistance and longevity. The robust construction, coupled with Beretta’s renowned attention to detail, guarantees that the 92X will perform flawlessly even in demanding shooting conditions.white-open-92-x-performance


Enhanced Magazine Capacity and Compatibility:
The 92X typically features an increased magazine capacity, commonly holding 18 rounds in a double-stack magazine (capacity may vary depending on local regulations). This high capacity, combined with its reliable feeding system, allows for extended shooting sessions without frequent reloads. The 92X is also compatible with existing Beretta 92 series magazines, providing shooters with versatility and convenience.

The Beretta 92X is a pinnacle of modern handgun design, combining ergonomic excellence, enhanced shootability, and exceptional reliability. With its versatile slide design, upgraded trigger system, customizable features, durable construction, and increased magazine capacity, the 92X empowers shooters to unleash their full potential. Whether for competition, self-defense, or recreational shooting, the Beretta 92X stands at the forefront of handgun innovation, embodying the legacy of excellence that Beretta is known for.

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